Taking on-site security to the next generation

Unartificial Labs is the exclusive provider in North America, Central America and South America for the most sophisticated, most proven autonomous patrolling security robot ever developed. Tried, tested and trusted over the past decade at some of the most security-sensitive sites in Europe and North Africa, this AI-informed, military-grade robot can patrol up to 3 square miles and provide instantaneous alerts and real-time video for more than 110 pre-defined parameters - including gun or gunshot detection, weapons detection, perimeter intrusion, anomaly detection, facial recognition, heat alerts, spill detection, dangerous gasses, license plate scanning and known threats. Smart, efficient and self-charging, the robot can handle all terrains and weather conditions while directly interfacing with existing site security cameras, drones or other detection devices. As a result, the robot has quickly become the most important patrolling asset for security operations at such customers as nuclear plants, petrochemical facilities, corporate campus locations, logistics operations, public and cargo airports, national borders, trade ports, and government or military sites.

"There is no more efficient or advanced way to patrol our facilities and also inform, support and protect our security personnel as they oversee extremely high-risk sites. This robot literally changes the rules of on-site security, now and for years to come." Safety and Security Manager, European Nuclear Plant Agency
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The irrigation innovation the world has been waiting for

Agricultural irrigation accounts for more than 40% of the total water usage in many states in the United States and, as a result, large farming operations are facing intensifying pressure to be more water efficient as water supplies are challenged and drought frequencies are increasing. So, imagine if a simple, affordable, easily manufactured and installed device could offer between 50% to 70% total water savings on irrigation while, at the same time, creating much greater crop productivity. It can. It's here. It's proven. It's been honored by the United Nations for its impact and, now, we are bringing it to the Western Hemisphere with the idea to completely change the landscape of water use and agricultural productivity in the Americas. "There are certain times where innovative products appear and suddenly have the ability to forever transform how we look at serious world-wide challenges. We are living in such a time. And this is that type of transformative product." United Nations Representative, Sustainable Agriculture Programme
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Unlocking the full value of knowledge capture

Particularly for large enterprises, the most valuable experiences, best practices and proprietary knowledge is contained or controlled by individuals and rarely has a way to fully be disseminated to organizations in a readily available, efficient manner. We plan to change that formula. Driven by our more than three decades in this space, Unartificial Labs has developed a set of video, audio and AI tools with one simple goal: to create practical, intuitive interfaces for capturing knowledge throughout employee and contractor experiences soon after they happen. Using sophisticated interview and journaling techniques and then compiling and delivering the information within a Generative AI framework, the result creates entirely new opportunities and value for customers. Need to bring a new hire up to speed on your particular brand standards or operations protocols? It's as simple as letting them start a conversation with the chat model. Want to ensure that the long-term knowledge of the individuals and teams that built large-scale facilities or undertakings for your company is never lost? It's all stored and driven by prompts and questions in order to help ensure future knowledge, efficiency and productivity by those that will follow in their footsteps. The additional use cases are large, the value of the knowledge capture tool is priceless. "Although we have more than 70,000 worldwide employees, there is a very small set of people with long-term, deep knowledge on some of our most challenging fronts, such as capital efficiency, interfacing with governments or communities that we serve, or working with third-party vendors in the most effective manners for project success. Quite frankly, we have tried other products, avenues and practices before with very limited results. But after a trial of this platform, we know we have the solution we have been seeking." CEO of Development Corporation, Energy Industry

A breakthrough in rechargeable batteries

Small, portable batteries have traditionally been one of the most inefficient and least environmentally friendly products. It's time that shifted. Working with manufacturing and university partners in China, we are introducing a family of rechargeable batteries in the AA and AAA format that provide 100 times the life of non-rechargeable, store-bought batteries. And, for consumer convenience, these enable charging from the most universal USB cables. Whether they are powering a game station or a household device, the result is the same: up to 900% cost savings and a dramatic reduction of lithium or alkaline battery waste into our landfills. "This battery proved to deliver the same output and power for more than 100 uses, compared to disposable options of the same battery. It's greener, cleaner and much more cost-efficient accordingly." Third-Party Testing Report, Rechargeable vs. Standard AA Battery

The power of the most trusted voices in marketing

There is no shortage of voices or opinions in marketing development and deployment. But what if you had more than 100 of the most experienced and proven creative directors in advertising and marketing to guide you to the best possible solution? Now you do - whenever and wherever you need them. CreativeDirector.ai is a platform created by Unartificial Labs that draws upon the shared and live inputs of the most skilled and experienced individuals in the areas of creative direction, graphic design, copywriting, art direction, product design, motion graphics and a variety of other core creative development areas. And, to complement this offering, our companion platform of MarketingDirector.ai combines the knowledge of leading CMOs and marketing managers around the world to create more automated, reliable results to everything from developing a marketing plan to devising a go-to-market strategy. "Our in-house operation has been tremendously supplemented by this offering. We've saved a tremendous amount of our marketing budget and we've created or exceeded the results we had dreamed about. Having this type of experience and access for our project means we can compete and win at any and all levels." Marketing Director, National Department Store Brand

How do we choose our offerings?

We believe our record in achieving unprecedented results is one of the primary reasons customers, partners and investors decide to work with Unartificial Labs. However, there’s more to this equation and to our mission. We are particularly focused on products and initiatives that can create a profound impact in the marketplace and for the world. With this in mind, we choose to get involved early with the ideas, the teams and the technology that, with our help, can bring exponential value to a need, a challenge, or a cause at the public or private level that prior offerings did not fully address.